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data-driven R&D and technology incubator

about us

We are a Singapore-based data-driven R&D and technology incubator and service provider. After a long and fruitful journey started in 2010, Telostat is founded in 2014 by young life-style entrepreneurs with strong academic and professional backgrounds, Telostat is currently designing and implementing its flag-ship cloud-based financial software platform and carrying on bleeding edge R&D projects.

our expertise

Financial Information & Productivity

We design and develop multi-tier, scalable software architectures serving day-to-day needs of financial institutions along their investment and business processes. Built using modern web-technologies and online analytical data processing techniques, our products and solutions are responsive and mobile-enabled. Learn More »

Algorithmic & Automated Trading

From evolutionary computing techniques to modern structural models, we design and implement fully/semi automated trading applications. Our activities cover your needs in a 360-degrees fashion: Data Management, Research and Backtesting Protocol, Signal Generation Algorithm, Position Sizing and Accounting and Automated Execution.

Business Intelligence & Data Mining

We deliver business intelligence applications using suitable machine learning techniques for data of any scale. Our underlying platform is transparent and flexible providing users with powerful research blueprint and executive & operational control. We cover the entire process from ideation through process modelling to implementation and integration.